Today, we are proud to announce that we now have more than 500 aircraft flying with our 2Ku technology with more than 400 of those installations taking place in 2017.

We have also shortened install times to around 30 hours, which is less than half the time that it typically takes to install a broadband satellite connectivity solution.

“We are setting a new industry standard in terms of technology deployments in aviation. We continue to set the bar higher in terms of speed of installation and will finish the year within the install range we set for 2017,” said John Wade, our executive vice president and COO. “We know that when passengers experience the 2Ku difference they travel happier which, in turn, makes our airline partners happy. So, we are investing in finding ways to get 2Ku aircraft online as fast as we can.”

Total awards for 2Ku inflight connectivity solution have now surpassed 2,000 aircraft. We have added more than 550 aircraft awards in 2017 alone.

“2Ku is the best performing connectivity solution in the market and that performance has resulted in the technology becoming the most rapidly adopted broadband satellite connectivity solution in the history of commercial aviation,” said Michael Small, Gogo’s president and CEO. “While we continue to grow our backlog of 2Ku aircraft, we are also focused operationally on making sure 2Ku also becomes the most rapidly deployed technology in commercial aviation history.”

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