In addition to the great news today that we have started connecting aircraft flying in North America to the new SES-15 high throughput satellite, we’ve got another exciting piece of news to share that is part of our continuous goal to improve the 2Ku system:

Late last year, we started the process of installing and upgrading the satellite modem technology used as part of 2Ku. The satellite modem is an important component of the 2Ku architecture, as explained in this article we recently published. With the upgraded modem, we’re able to take advantage of the new generation HTS satellites, increase the connection speed between the aircraft and the satellite, and open up additional bandwidth for new services like Gogo TV.

Currently over 500 aircraft have been equipped with our 2Ku system. Of these aircraft, over 300 have already been upgraded with the new modem. We’re also installing the upgraded modem on new 2Ku installations, which are either brand new to connectivity or are being upgraded from our legacy systems. By the end of 2018, all Gogo 2Ku aircraft will be equipped with the new modem.

For customers flying on Gogo 2Ku equipped aircraft, this new modem and additional bandwidth are just another way we show our commitment to to our 15/98/98 metric; 15+ Mbps per passenger, 98% of flight routes, 98% of the time. We’re very happy to see reports from customers flying that all of our hard work is already paying off!


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