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Announcing Patrick Carroll as Regional President in APAC

Today, we are announcing the appointment of Patrick Carroll as our new regional president in Asia Pacific (APAC). Patrick is a 30-year aviation veteran, holding a variety of operational and management roles in the APAC region at Airbus and BAE Systems. He is also a certified flight instructor, chartered engineer and was awarded an OBE, an honor from the Queen of England for services to the aviation industry.

“As the growth of connected aviation in Asia Pacific expands, Gogo is committed to serving our airline partners in that region along with cultivating new growth opportunities for our 2Ku satellite technology in this market,” said John Wade, COO at Gogo. “Patrick is the perfect fit to lead these efforts.”

Gogo currently provides in-flight connectivity services to Japan Airlines and Japan Transocean Air. Earlier this year, Gogo made an announcement securing regulatory approval to provide service on aircraft flying in Chinese air space and began service in China working with China Telecom Satellite. Patrick will manage Gogo’s airline accounts, certification and operations in the APAC region from Shanghai and will report to our COO, John Wade.


The Gogo Concourse blog team sat down with Patrick, and asked him some fun questions:

What country do you currently call your home? I’ve lived in China since 2004 so about 13 years now. Prior to that I lived in Japan for 20 years.

Are you fluent in languages other than English? Japanese is my second language (interpreter standard) and Chinese my third language. I can handle day to day spoken and written Chinese and have even given flight lessons to students in Chinese, but in aviation English is mostly used for safety and commercial reasons.

Have you always been an expat? I have been working overseas all my career, initially based in the UK covering the Middle East and North Africa. Then from 1983 living in Japan, China, Singapore and Indonesia. I have also piloted my own aircraft (3 aircraft) throughout Asia  which were based in Japan, South Korea, Philippines and Malaysia.

Do you have a favorite plane? A seaplane for fun and a widebody A350 or B787 if commercial (pressurized to a lower cabin altitude so it reduces jet lag).

Do you remember the first time you ever got online when flying? I used to pilot my own aircraft around Asia from about 2000 and used an Iridium phone, but the data-rate was rather poor so only simple text mail was possible. Now when I fly commercial I try to get online.

What is the last book you read? Android Hackers Handbook – you must understand the detail of the technology not just the google version.

Paper books or e-books? Generally e-books as places like China restrict foreign books. But still lots of paper books when I can buy them as technical books are generally not available as e-books.

Have you ever flown on a really unique aircraft? An Australian Seabird Seeker – the engine is a pusher behind the cockpit so you look out front and it feels like a helicopter – they use is for rounding up cattle or even for military use in Iraq.

Do you have any “secret” tips for frequent travelers? – Noise cancelling headsets, especially if you have to travel in the back of the aircraft. Put them on during board turn the volume up and you can really relax.


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