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App of the week: FlightAware mobile

Smartphones and mobile apps have obviously changed the way we travel – we can get online on airplanes using Gogo, we can use our phones as a boarding pass, and when we land in a foreign city, we can use our phones to find our way around, all without the need for a paper map.

One other area where mobile devices have changed the way we travel is in flight planning and delay management. Flight interruptions are a part of travel you can rarely avoid, bad weather can hit at any time and mess up your entire travel itinerary. Thankfully, most airlines have released their own apps or mobile sites to manage this, but if you often feel you need just a bit more information, FlightAware is a great app to consider.

Their mobile app is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Of course, the app offers all the basic information about your (upcoming) flight, but one of its best features is the ability to track your inbound flight. Instead of waiting in the gate area and hoping for the best, FlightAware is fed data from air traffic control about the exact time and route of your inbound plane. Simply enter your flight number, and in the bottom of the screen, press “track inbound”. You now have the exact time your plane will arrive at your airport, and most likely have more up to date information than is provided at the airport.

Which apps do you find are required for your travels? Share them in the comments, or email concourse@gogoair.com.

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