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App of the week: LoungeBuddy


When you are on the road a lot, the airport club can quickly become your best place to hang out at the airport. And don’t be mistaken – the airport club is not reserved for the business traveler with an expense account. Airport clubs can also be a surprisingly affordable way to stay comfortable when delays or cancellations impact your travel plans and you need somewhere to spend the day.

Most major airports have at least one airport lounge, and getting access is usually as simple as purchasing a day pass, 30 day pass or membership. The vast majority of U.S. airport clubs charge around $50 to enter on a day pass, and while that may sound steep for entry to what is essentially a luxury waiting room, $50 for drinks, snacks, Wi-Fi, clean bathrooms and other amenities will seem like a bargain compared to sitting in the departure lounge all day long waiting for your flight. Club rules vary, and some require you to pay for every person entering, while others allow guests or children to join on a single pass.

Each airport has different rules and requirements for getting access to their lounges – and instead of browsing through a variety of sites, mobile app LoungeBuddy has been designed to make the job easier. LoungeBuddy has been available for iOS devices for some time, but last week the service launched their Android version.

The app has a gorgeous interface, and offers a huge amount of information about lounges all around the world. With a few clicks, you’ll not only know where the lounge is (some are pretty hard to find!), you’ll also find all the amenities available, the cost to enter and user submitted reviews. These user submitted reviews often contain excellent tips on finding the best place to sit, the best bartenders and other usually well-kept secrets. Of course, the airport lounge is also a great place for a last minute purchase of a Gogo day pass so you can stay connected on your upcoming flight!

LoungeBuddy is free, and available for iOS and Android. Download links are available at LoungeBuddy.com.


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