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The Best Travel Apps for Planning Your Next Trip

Almost everything can be done with an app on your smart phone these days and that includes booking your next trip. From plane and train tickets to car rentals, booking hotels, planning what to see and do and more, you’ll find an app for that specific piece of your travel. Here are some of the best apps for planning your next trip from beginning to end.


Apps to Use Months in Advance

Of course, you have to first decide that you want to go on a trip and then choose the best destination. Months in advance before your departure date perhaps you should peruse some of these apps.

Pinterest – Not just for baked goods and weddings anymore, Pinterest can also be used for trip planning inspiration. Pretty pictures and blog posts about nearly every destination in the world can be quite convincing. (available in both the App Store and Google Play)

Guides by Lonely Planet – Perfect during your trip but for also planning things out way in advance. Almost every Lonely Planet guidebook / destination is available in this app and can be downloaded to your phone to be used online and offline. Get your ideas from some of the very best travel experts. (available in both the App Store and Google Play)


Flight price predictions with the Hopper App

Apps to Use When You’re Booking

Every airline has its own app where you can book your tickets, check your flight status, check-in and more, however they aren’t always where you can find the best deals. Some of these apps below are the best for getting a deal and booking your trip.

Hopper – This app will show you some of the cheapest flights available. It will also let you watch a certain route and notify you when the price drops. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)

Rome2Rio – If you aren’t sure of the best modes of transportation to get to a particular destination then Rome2Rio is for you. This app shows you all of the possible ways to get somewhere and provides links to schedules as well as answers to questions like “How do I get from my hotel to the airport” or “ How much is the train ticket from Venice to Paris?”. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)

Booking.com – Booking.com compares the best prices for hotels all over the world with over 1,000,000 properties listed in their database. From desert camps in Morocco to a Spaceship-like hotel in Sweden or just a normal hotel in NYC, Booking.com will help you find the best deals. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)

AirBnb – The AirBnB app is pretty much a given app to check out. Use it to find yourself a great room or entire place for rent in the city you are visiting. See photos of the property, read the reviews from other guests, book a place and communicate with the owner as well, all through the app. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)


Plan all of the things that you need to get done before your trip with the ToDoist App

Apps to Use After You’ve Booked Your Trip

Your flights, hotel and other transportation are all booked, now it’s time to plan everything to see, do and eat on your trip while you wait for your travel date to arrive. Here are some great apps for planning the trip, but also keeping you organized and up to date.

TripIt Pro – Many travel bloggers and business travelers swear by this app. Allow TripIt to have access to your emails and it will scan through every time you make a hotel booking, or purchase a flight and it will organize everything into a nice and neat travel itinerary for you. TripIt will also keep you up to date with cancelations and flight changes and often will notify you if your gate changes or your flight is canceled even before the airline will. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)

Countdown App – The countdown app is simple but can get you excited for your trip. All it literally does it countdown to whatever event you set it up to countdown to. It is exciting to know how many sleeps you have before your next trip. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)

HotelTonight – If your trip is soon and you still don’t have a place to stay or maybe you have arrived and something is wrong with your booking and you need a last minute hotel? HotelTonight is for you then, giving you great last minute deals on hotels that you need asap. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)

Todoist – This app is a to-do list app and will help you keep track of everything that you need to get done before your trip. You can have it help you track everything from when you need to get travel shots, passport photos, pick up the dry cleaning, booking tours, and literally everything else. A great feature of this app is that you can also delegate different tasks through the app to other people that you are traveling with. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)


Make the most out of your long layovers using the Lounge Buddy App to find the best lounges in each airport

Apps to Use During Your Trip

During your trip, TripIt and Todoist are still great apps to use to stay up to date with your travel plans as you go along and help you plan everything that you want to see and do. There are a few other apps that can help here as well.

LoungeBuddy – If you find yourself with a long airport layover LoungeBuddy shows you what lounges are available in the airport you are in. LoungeBuddy recommends which lounges you can buy a day pass for, which lounges you can get discounts on if you hold certain credit cards or frequent flyer cards and also lets you see reviews and pictures from other people who have used the lounges. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)

TripAdvisor – Not sure where are the best places to eat or which tour to take? With the TripAdvisor app you can find recommendations on literally everything. If you prefer to follow the suggestions of others it can be a great way to navigate a new city. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)

XE Currency – A great app for currency converting so you always know what you are paying and are up to date with the exchange rates. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)

Gogo Entertainment – If you have the pleasure of flying on a Gogo Inflight plane make sure you download the Gogo Entertainment app to your phone or tablet before you hit the skies. Use the app to watch the newest movies and TV shows in the air. Perfect for the airlines without their own inflight entertainment systems. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)

Google Maps – This one is a given, however, most people don’t realize that you can save / download maps of different places to use offline if you don’t have a sim card or Wi-Fi. Zoom into an area that you want saved and then in the search bar type “ok maps” and the app will ask if you want to download and save the map of that area. Google maps can then track you with GPS offline and give you quite a reliable and handy map. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)

Google Translate – This app can, of course, help you translate menus and signs, or help you speak to locals in other languages. With the camera part of Google Translate you can also hold your phone up to a sign and it will translate the text in an image in real time. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)

Dropbox – The DropBox app can sync with your phone to automatically backup all of the pictures and videos that you take as you travel to save all of your memories for you as you go. Also ideal in case you are worried about losing your phone on your trip. (Available in both the App Store and Google Play)

Use any combination of these apps and have the most connected, manageable and up to date trip of your life. Oh and don’t forget to shut down from your phone every once and while on your trip and enjoy the moment. Check out the apps Offtime and Breakfree to help you do that.

Are there any other apps that you swear by for your travels and travel planning that we left out? Share them in the comments below.

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