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CES 2017: A Glimpse Into Our Future

by Sandy Berger

CES, the biggest consumer electronics show in the world, has a reputation for premiering high-tech gadgets that will affect our lives in the near future. This year I scoured the convention looking for the best products and announcements. Here’s what I found.

Ultra-Ultra Thin TVs

LG W Series TVs will blow your mind. They are less than a quarter of an inch thick and have magnetic holders that allow them to hang flat on the wall like wallpaper. There’s a single translucent wire that runs from the display to the corresponding television components. It’s pretty cool.

Expect to see further adaptations of this technology in the near future. There will undoubtedly be countless uses. Think about having a large picture on the wall that uses sensors to customize music and other content for anybody who walks into the room.

CES2017 01

Artificial Intelligence for your Home

Amazon Echo with the voice of Alexa made a huge splash at the show. Its intelligence and voice are being added to a myriad of devices. Ford cars, ADT security systems, LG refrigerators and Westinghouse televisions are just a few devices piggybacking on Amazon’s household device.

One of the most unusual was the Sunflower, a solar-powered smart patio umbrella by ShadeCraft. It automatically follows the sun to keep you in the shade. The umbrella will have integrated security cameras for your home safety and will also have speakers and a microphone and be able to accept voice commands given to Alexa and Siri.

CES2017 02

Autonomous Delivery Truck

Autonomous vehicles were everywhere at CES 2017. That’s no surprise. Driverless vehicles can already be seen on the streets of many large cities. However, both BMW and Mercedes-Benz offered pictures of the future with vehicles that don’t required any side or back windows. These vans can be loaded with cargo and “driven” to a destination of robots and drones. No human needed.

The Smart Bandage

Temp-Traq is a wearable wireless temperature monitor that continuously senses, records and sends temperature data to mobile devices. It lets you monitor your child’s body temperature without disturbing them. It’s recently been approved by the FDA and is already widely available. Get ready for a blast of wireless health-monitoring devices to come.

CES2017 03

A Cord Cutters Paradise

Streaming devices are popular, yet most people like to get local programming as well. To that end, Sling TV, which is owned by Dish, will soon be offering an AirTV Player. This device will have an integrated interface to grab local channels as well as Netflix. Several other manufacturers will be offering similar devices. The cable industry is changing fast. Are you ready?

The world of consumer tech was on full display at CES this year. Take note, because many of these devices will undoubtedly be in your homes in the near future.

Sandy began her career as a computer programmer and over the years has become a trusted authority on a variety of tech, gadgets and gizmos. A regular on TV, radio and podcasts, Sandy speaks at tech events around the world.

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