Creating new ways to deliver inflight internet helps airlines boost take rate and drive passenger satisfaction. In fact, airlines that offer free connectivity have seen sharp increases in both.

So how can airlines increase take rates and raise customer satisfaction scores without exponentially raising their costs? The answer may be to subsidize the cost of connectivity through a team approach.

Airline passengers comprise a captive audience for global brands. They are highly sought after by third-party brand partners who want to engage with them. These partners, in exchange for this valuable access, help many airlines cover the cost of inflight internet for eager passengers.

The result is a single ecosystem – the Multi-payer Model – that creates a win/win/win for airlines, passengers, and sponsors alike: Higher customer satisfaction scores for airlines, free or low-cost internet for passengers, and the ideal communications venue for airlines and their brand partners.  The model can include new or existing partners, as defined by the airline.

The future of the inflight internet demands the ability to match the highest value service at the lowest profitable price to passengers. Today, airlines can deliver a range of solutions – from simple text messaging, to a deluxe streaming package that can also be segmented by passenger group – at a variety of price points to delight passengers. Yet passengers will use connectivity more often (and report higher satisfaction scores) if they don’t need to pay for it.

Visit the Gogo Learning Center to learn how airlines can leverage this approach to drive passenger satisfaction.

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