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Free Up Precious Storage on Your Phone with Picture Keeper Connect

by Sandy Berger

Have you…

  • Ever tried to take an important picture with your cell phone only to find your storage space is maxed out?
  • Ever lost that once-in-a-lifetime photo when you transferred a stack of them?
  • Ever exceeded your cloud storage capacity?
  • Had difficulty getting your photos off of your phone?

If you’ve encountered any of these situations, I have an easy solution for you. It is a small device called the Picture Keeper Connect.

The Picture Keeper Connect resembles a small thumb drive that’s easy to transport and easy to work with. It has a lightning connector on one end and a USB port on the other. Apple iPhone users will be happy to get more memory for their pictures without purchasing a new phone.

Android phones must be OTG (On-The-Go) compatible which includes many newer Android phones. Picture Keeper supplies a list of OTG Android phones that you can check for compatibility. It’s essentially Android Phone 4.0 and above.

Picture Keeper 01

The Picture Keeper Connect is so simple your mom can use it. Just download the connect app to your phone, plug in the Picture Keeper and choose what you want to do. I chose Start Backup. This initial backup saves all photos, videos and contacts on my phone to the Picture Keeper. Backing up 2,000 photos took about 45 minutes. Future backups only save newly added files making this a great backup tool.

Once my pictures are on the Picture Keeper, I have many options. I can erase the pictures from my phone to make room for new ones. I can move my pictures to a new phone. I can use the USB connector to move the pictures to a PC or Mac. I can also store them on a backup hard drive or DVDs. (Remember those?)

My pictures appear on a PC or Mac in the traditional format shown below. This makes it easy to see, print, copy or move them as I please.

Picture Keeper 02

If your pictures are scattered over multiple phones and other devices, this is an easy way to consolidate them all and to create a backup that you can store in a safe place. One of the best things about the Picture Keeper Connect is that it skips duplicates. If you have ever tried to clean up duplicate pictures you know how much aggravation this can save.

On top of everything else, I don’t need an Internet connection to use the Picture Keeper. I can transfer or backup photos no matter where I am.

The lastest version of the app allows me to create custom gifts and prints (hard copies) of my photos directly from the drive. I can also view my photos on someone else’s phone just by plugging it in.

This presents a bit of a privacy or even a security concern. You may not trust storing your photos in the cloud because a hacker may find his way into your account, but toting around an unencrypted thumb drive with all your photos might be less secure if you’re someone who loses things.

Also depending on the resolution that your phone shoots, you’ll likely back up fewer photos than advertised.

Price ranges from $119 for 16GB, $139 for 32GB and $179 for 64GB.

There is also Picture Keeper Pro, which backs up your photos, music, videos, and home office files as well.

Sandy began her career as a computer programmer and over the years has become a trusted authority on a variety of tech, gadgets and gizmos. A regular on TV, radio and podcasts, Sandy speaks at tech events around the world.

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