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George’s In-flight Story

Over the course of four months leading into a major event, George Fontana — a marketing executive in charge of production — traveled thousands of miles aboard American Airlines. Approving countless details was par for the course. The reality was, his team could not afford to lose touch with him, even when he was traveling at 30,000 feet. As they say, “the show must go on.”

So despite his aggressive travel schedule, George was always connected. From the moment he left his office in route to the airport, he was on his mobile checking emails until he stepped out of the cab. Once checked-in for his flight, he was back to reading emails while standing in the security check line. Same thing when he arrived to his departure gate; he ritualistically opened his laptop to start reviewing presentation materials, agreements, video clips and adding items to his ever-growing to-do-list.

Following the flight crew’s announcement, George quickly logged on the Wi-Fi to let his team know that he was available. Everything is time sensitive for organizing an event of this caliber (i.e., booking talent, approving lighting, decor, audio, catering and coordinating staff, PR and marketing efforts). “Gogo allowed me to stay online and connected during normal business hours, which helped me stay on top of the developments throughout the day and respond to timely requests,” said George.

Having in-flight Wi-Fi was tremendously useful but the highlight of his experience with the service came after the award show was over. George thoroughly enjoyed having access to a large selection of entertainment options for a much deserved downtime in the clouds. Bravo!

Written by Joyce Manalo

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