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Get to Know Gogo’s Executive Team

Ah, the beauty of in-flight Internet. Without it we may never have been able to hear about the lady in 7A, immediately decline an e-vite to a friend-of-a-friend’s improv show, or get some much-needed work done at 30,000 feet. You’d be hard-pressed to find a group of people who appreciate this more than the folks at Gogo. We sat down with four members of Gogo’s Executive Team to learn more about their most memorable travel experiences, favorite apps, and the mobile games they can’t get enough of.

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 Michael Small – President and CEO

The last travel-related app he downloaded: Gogo Text and Talk — a new app from Gogo that allows users to send texts and make calls in-flight. Now you have no excuse not to call your mother.

Coolest travel gadget he’s seen recently: Mophie Battery Charger — “It eliminates that dreaded ‘no juice’ anxiety.”

Mobile game he’s addicted to: Unlike most of the world, it’s not Candy Crush. “I see the impact it has on my wife and don’t want the same affliction.” Instead, Michael likes to unwind with a nice game of Scrabble on his phone.


Norm Smagley_Compressed

Norm Smagley – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

When he’s early for a flight, he can be found: “Answering emails, making calls, and playing a little Tetris on my phone.”

Coolest travel gadget he’s see recently: “A tamper proof briefcase with self-destruct failsafe.”

His most memorable flight experience: “Several years ago I was bumped up to first class, where a former U.S. President happened to be sitting. He was very cordial and introduced himself to everyone in the cabin.”


Ash ElDifrawi_Compressed

Ash ElDifrawi – Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

The last travel-related app he downloaded: Glympse — an app that allows you to share your location with someone in real time.

His most memorable flight: “My first flight, ever. I was four and flying from Egypt to the U.S. with my grandmother. Our plane got diverted because of engine problems and we ended up in New York rather than Washington. Because neither of us spoke English, we had no idea until eight hours later when my parents finally picked us up and told us where we were.”

When flying, he never forgets to bring: “Free Gogo passes to bribe flight attendants for extra snacks.”


Anand Chari_Compressed

Anand Chari – Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

The last travel-related app he downloaded: AccuWeather — This man will never be caught without an umbrella.

He’s hooked on playing: Flappy Bird. “Just try it. You’ll see why!”

He uses in-flight Internet most often to: “Make sure Gogo’s network is working flawlessly. Our Engineering, IT and Ops teams love the feedback.” And for that we salute you, Anand.

Written by Jordan Forrest

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