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Gogo 2Ku – happy customers, incredible speeds and huge milestones

Gogo’s 2Ku technology has been in the news a lot recently, and we realize that not all of that news may appear to appeal to you – but we still feel that all of the latest developments and customer feedback are important to share. This article aims to explain the “news behind the news” and share some customer feedback from customers flying our newest airline partners.

SES capacity announcement

First up, our recent announcement regarding new SES satellite capacity. Let’s back up for a second, and explain a little bit more about satellite capacity in general: In order for an aircraft in our fleet to connect to the Internet, the signal needs to come off the plane, to a satellite, back down to earth, then back to the plane through the satellite. Without this satellite, there is no way for a plane flying over the ocean (or anywhere else without our ground coverage) to connect. Satellites are key to our entire 2Ku operation, which is why we buy satellite capacity from providers all around the world.

A coverage map of the SES AMC-4 satellite before its new location specifically for Gogo.

Satellite capacity is the amount of bandwidth it has available. Some of this bandwidth may be reserved for the satellite operator, while other portions may be destined for sale to third parties like Gogo. A satellite has a finite amount of bandwidth available, and depending on the coverage area there could lot of interested parties looking to buy it. In our recent agreement with SES, a satellite became available where all of the bandwidth was for sale, so Gogo signed a deal to purchase it, and to move it to a location that could better serve our airline customers flying over the pacific and Hawaii. In addition to capacity, coverage is the next important part of a satellite, as the signal coming to and from the satellite can only cover a certain portion of the globe. You can see an example of a satellite coverage map in the picture above. The outlined regions are the signal beams available that make up the coverage area.

In addition to deals like this one, we have lots of others in place, with companies like SES and Intelsat which when combined, ensure that Gogo has both coverage and capacity anywhere our airline partners fly.


Virgin Australia demo flight

Virgin Australia announced on March 30 that they had selected Gogo as their provider for in-flight connectivity. Our first installation was swiftly completed, and Virgin Australia started offering our 2Ku satellite service on select domestic flights.

Currently, the service is available on one Boeing 737. In the video posted above, one happy customer discovered Gogo was turned on during his flight. This customer was in fact so happy, that he actually took the time to make a short video demonstrating his experience.

About a week later, Virgin Australia invited local media members to come up for a flight to experience the service for themselves – and the results of these test flights really show just how impressive 2Ku  is. The Tweets include a photo of the test plane, streaming speed results, and one customer hooked up with multiple devices, all streaming at the same time – something 2Ku can easily handle.


Delta 100 2Ku aircraft installed milestone

On April 20, Delta announced that they had reached a 2Ku milestone – 100 aircraft are now flying around with our revolutionary service. We’re extremely happy to have this exceptional airline as a partner, and always thrilled when we can share in their excitement around their connectivity products.

During the past couple of months, we have asked Gogo customers to take pictures of planes equipped with 2Ku, recognizable through the low profile “radome” installed on top of the fuselage. These pictures are regularly posted in social media, using the hashtag #DomeSpotting. Some examples of Delta radomes can be seen below – and the Twitter posters behind these pictures are now all the happy recipients of a Gogo 2Ku backpack.



Other social coverage

Thanks to our incredibly passionate fans, we hear from customers all around the world when they are flying a Gogo equipped flight. Many of them love to take the time to give us a mention to show just how happy they are with our service. Below are some of the highlights from recent weeks:

A speed test performed on a 2Ku equipped flight on AeroMexico.

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