Gogo is a leading operational connectivity innovator for commercial aviation – first eEnabling thousands of airline crew members and pilots four years ago with broadband connectivity to improve crew awareness and strategic decision making. Since then, Gogo has continued to grow its connected aircraft solution offerings to help airlines improve operational efficiency. Powered by Gogo’s leading connectivity and in-cabin network, Gogo Connected Aircraft Services include the following solutions:

• eEnablement: Empower crew members by delivering connectivity to crew devices and applications in flight

• Data management (aircraft data access and wireless quick access recorder): Access aircraft data anywhere in real–time to drive smoother, more efficient operations

• Operational solutions: Optimize airline operations with end-to-end solutions tools to help pilots avoid turbulence and fly more efficient routes

Gogo Connected Aircraft Services brings aircraft operations online, enabling airlines to improve efficiency with real-time information, streamline procedures, boost productivity, and generate new revenue opportunities. Gogo is focused on applications and solutions enabling planes to fly smarter and safer and crews to perform better while reducing operational expenses.

By creating a secure environment in which an airline’s crew and fleet can continually drive greater efficiency – airline operations can remain ahead of the technological curve – both on the ground and in the air.

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