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Gogo Business Aviation Launches SCS Smart Cabin Systems

Today at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva, our colleagues from Gogo Business Aviation announced a new suite of smart cabin systems designed for the private plane market. SCS Elite and SCS Media are highly integrated cabin, inflight entertainment (IFE) and voice solutions that can be personalized to fit the specific needs of passengers on board a given flight.

For those of us who fly commercial and may never see the inside of a private plane, the technology being introduced here is essentially the business aviation equivalent of the advanced in-flight entertainment system you may find on a newer Airbus or Boeing plane, albeit one with far more features and portability.

Once on their plane, passengers using Gogo’s SCS will have access to movies, TV shows, news, weather and a moving map flight tracker. Additionally, the system can leverage any connectivity solution we’ve installed on the plane, including satellite and terrestrial connections allowing everyone to get online and stay connected. Content like news and weather even takes advantage of Gogo Cloud, which provides updates to content when the plane is on the ground.

Through the satellite phone system or our innovative Text and Talk product, passengers can also make and receive phone calls. Passengers can even access additional aircraft amenities, providing personal control of the comfort in their cabin – from lighting to the cabin temperature.

“Business travelers expect their aircraft cabin to feel like home and be a place where they can simply turn on their devices and do whatever they want from seeing a moving map, to watching a movie, browsing the web, checking the news or making a phone call,” said Sergio Aguirre, senior vice president and general manager of Gogo Business Aviation.

“SCS can be installed on virtually any plane, big or small, flying anywhere around the globe, and we created it to be a simple, powerful way to integrate all the necessary technology onboard for an enjoyable passenger experience.”

For more on this revolutionary cabin experience solution, visit the Gogo Business Aviation site at gogo.to/SCS


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