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Gogo explains: a roundup of educational articles

Over the years, we’ve often used this blog as a platform to help educate readers on many of the topics that keep us busy here at Gogo. In this article, we’re providing a roundup of some of the most important educational articles published.

Below, you will find links to topics that include our air to ground and global satellite networks, as well as some more generic articles covering things like supplemental type certifications and satellite teleports. Enjoy reading these, and as always, please reach out to us in social media (Twitter or Facebook) if you would like to see us cover a topic you don’t see listed!

Gogo explains: what is an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate)?

History of Gogo


Gogo ATG-4 – what is it, and how does it work?

Gogo International Ku-band satellite Internet – how does it work?


What is spectrum and how does it impact gogo?

What is Gogo 2Ku satellite Internet and how does it work?

How technology advances are transforming the Gogo 2Ku Satellite Modem

Gogo explains: The Teleport

Satellite Ownership vs. Leasing Capacity for Commercial Airlines

In aero antenna design, there’s more than meets the eye




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