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Gogo explains: what is an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate)?

If you keep an eye on press releases from Gogo, you may have seen a release that mentions an STC. Unless you are active in the aviation industry, chances are you don’t know what an STC is, or what it means to our business – but we’re here to help.

An STC (or Supplemental Type Certificate) is approval document issued by the Federal Aviation Administration that allows changes to be made to an aircraft outside its original type certificate. When an aircraft manufacturer wants to fly its planes, it requires a Type Certificate – with one of these, the plane is actually allowed to take to the skies. The Supplemental Type Certificate is (as the name implies), a certificate provided in addition to that original document. STC’s are issued for all kinds of changes – including things like an updated bathroom, airplane seats or major changes to the cockpit.

STC’s are important to Gogo because they allow us to install our equipment on aircraft. Gogo installs a variety of equipment on aircraft:

  • Air to ground (ATG) Internet system.
  • Air to ground 4  (ATG-4) Internet system.
  • Gogo Vision entertainment system.
  • Ku band satellite Internet system.
  • Iridium satellite (used in the business aviation market for phone service).
  • Inmarsat L-Band satellite Internet System.

So, next time you see a press release announcing that we have received a new STC, you’ll know what it means to our business!

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