Gogo announced today that it has joined a group of companies dedicated to open collaboration on the advancement of satellite based inflight connectivity technologies called the Seamless Air Alliance.  The alliance was spearheaded by Gogo satellite partner OneWeb and also includes Airbus, Delta, Sprint, and Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”).  The group announced its formation at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and aims to attract additional members who are dedicated to the advancement of this industry.

There are many aspects to the inflight connectivity business: How to get equipment and software on planes; sources of satellite capacity; seamless customer experiences with evolving personal devices.  No one company will have all the answers.  Gogo has brought all this and much more together to create the leading inflight internet portfolio for our aviation partners.  In fact, Gogo has been leading the way at promoting seamless connectivity from terminal to commercial aircraft for the last decade.

Any chance to have an open dialogue where ideas are exchanged with the goal of advancing our industry forward is a good thing and the company is excited to join the group.  This also means some of the largest companies in the world – airlines, aircraft manufacturers and mobile carriers, all of which have a vested interest in the success of inflight connectivity – have endorsed the importance of this business and we are excited to work with them in shaping the future of inflight connectivity.

We look for ideas everywhere all the time so we can continue to innovate.  2Ku and our other leading technologies all have been developed in this way. This alliance will allow us to do it in a more visible way.

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