Scott Carmichael

The Today Show on Australian channel 9Now recently featured the domestic and international Wi-Fi service on Virgin Australia in one of their segments. The channel compared coverage of our service to another local airline, showcasing the huge lead our partner has in the Australian Wi-Fi market.

The presenter tested our service on his international flight to LAX, and reported that it “worked beautifully”.

Virgin Australia signed with Gogo during the 2017 Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. The service was launched on one of their Boeing 737-800 aircraft, and uses our revolutionary 2Ku global broadband technology.

The 2Ku technology in use on Virgin Australia is currently installed around the world on over 500 aircraft. We have an additional 1500 aircraft in our backlog across 19 different airlines. To learn more about 2Ku, visit the Concourse news hub.

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