Scott Carmichael

Gogo has been listening to airlines talk about the future of inflight entertainment for almost a decade.  What we hear repeatedly is that they want to rethink the passenger experience.  Airlines also want to reduce the weight in the cabin, increase the options for entertainment, and avoid the lock-in associated with traditional IFE systems.  Gogo Vision Touch accomplishes these critical goals by delivering content wirelessly to a consumer grade tablet in a modular system. When you combine Gogo Vision Touch with the internet, it will fundamentally change the way passengers are entertained on aircraft.

Gogo believes the current seatback IFE model is ready for disruption.  Airlines buy systems that utilize technology that lags consumer grade hardware, and the long life-cycle of a seatback system means that installations today will define the passenger experience for 5-10 years.  In addition, these systems can be expensive to purchase and maintain.  So it’s no surprise that some airlines look at the economics of these systems and choose to completely remove seatback IFE from aircraft, despite the high importance to passengers.

Gogo Vision Touch reimagines the way airline passengers will interact with their seatback entertainment.  This new system extends Gogo’s expertise with Gogo Vision into a seatback tablet.  This system allows passengers to use a connected tablet to watch on-demand movies and TV, listen to music, or access the internet to stream their personal collection of ground-based content.  Because the system is built with connectivity at its heart, the software can deliver a state-of-the-art personalized experience to passengers.

Airlines can leverage the turnkey solution we’ve built, or they can incorporate their own tablet.  Gogo’s modular software can integrate with a custom hardware configuration, and is upgradeable.  Thus, airlines aren’t locked into a set bill of materials, and can update old hardware over time.

Our vision for Internet-enabled Entertainment

Gogo Vision Touch is an important innovation for airlines.  As the inflight internet company, Gogo continues to redefine passenger entertainment.  Giving passengers access to the internet at every seatback means entertainment truly becomes Internet-enabled Entertainment.

Internet-enabled Entertainment represents Gogo’s long-term view of the passenger experience.  On an aircraft today, the passenger experience is shared among a number of technologies.  These include the seatback screen, internet connectivity, wireless IFE, and paper content in the seatback pocket.  In the next five years, Gogo believes that these experiences will consolidate into a single thread of technology—Internet-enabled Entertainment—made possible by inflight internet.

With Internet-enabled Entertainment, airlines will be able to deliver the experience that passengers expect in the internet era.  Passengers will be able to access the breadth of content from the internet, as well as early release movies and TV shows.  They will be able to order food, shop duty free, and read the latest airline magazine.  Airlines will be able to update this content from the ground, and can personalize it to each passenger.

Why this is important to passengers

Passengers want to multi-task while flying.  They want to watch TV on their seatback and work on their tablet, or phone.  Research shows passengers regularly score Wi-Fi and seatback entertainment as important to their inflight experience.  Gogo Vision Touch creates a powerful combination of both, in a form factor that makes sense for airlines.  Using a consumer-grade tablet lowers the capital expense of a seatback screen, and means that airlines can consider installing a seatback system into a larger portion of their fleet to entertain even more passengers.

So get ready. The era of Internet-enabled Entertainment is here, for airlines and passengers alike.

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