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How to Get the Most Out of that Pricey Lounge Pass

Whether you are a business traveler or casual traveler at some point on your travels, you are bound to get stuck with a long layover. Instead of fighting other travelers for power outlets, buying expensive airport food and sitting in uncomfortable chairs while you wait for your next flight, many travelers chose the option of buying a lounge pass and spending their time in a more relaxing environment that has plenty of electrical outlets, abundant Wi-Fi and often great food and drinks.

The majority of airport lounges range in cost on average from $30 to $50. That’s a steep price for those of us who checked only one bag to save money.  That money is better spent for some hours of self-pampering. So along with Tyler Dikman CEO of the app LoungeBuddy we have compiled a list of the best tips for getting your money’s worth out of a lounge pass and the best ways to maximize it.

LoungeBuddy Amenity Filter with Selections - image credit loungebuddy.com

The LoungeBuddy app lets you search for the amenities you prefer.

1. Research the airport lounges ahead of time, know what is available, for how much and what they offer. This can easily be all done in the LoungeBuddy app where they list all amenities and also include reviews from other travelers for you determine if it is a worthy expense.

2. Arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight, beat the security lines, relax, and maximize the most amount of time in the lounge as possible. (Be sure to check opening times for each lounge in advance.)

3. Come with an empty stomach. If the lounge offers free snacks, soups, sandwiches, drinks and other food come with an empty stomach so at the very least you get your money’s worth in food as well as in service and convenience.

“After you consider the costs of flights, transportation, and accommodations airport lounges are actually one of the least expensive luxuries in travel.” – Tyler Dikman, CEO LoungeBuddy.com

Tyler’s suggestions:

4. Use the lounge when you arrive in a new destination. London’s Heathrow airport now even has lounges specifically for arrivals passengers. If you are arriving somewhere early and you have to wait to check-in to your hotel why not stay at the airport? Freshen up, have a shower, grab a bite to eat and catch up on emails and work. This is especially beneficial if you are just getting off of a long haul overnight flight.

5. Many lounges offer use of their printers and photocopiers. These save you money and help you stay prepared whether you are printing a contract for work or something as simple as printing your accommodation information or plane tickets. Also, it is much better than spending time in a new city searching for a printing place.

6. Catch up on sleep. Especially when you are looking to take a nap, look for lounges with family rooms. In most cases, the kids will be entertained in the room and not running around in the lounge which makes it more peaceful so you can get some rest.

With these few tips hopefully your next lounge experience will be more than worth it. Were there any tips that we forgot? Please share them in the comments below.

Cailin O’Neil is a Canadian travel, video, and food blogger. To follow her and her travels check her out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or on her blog www.TravelYourself.ca .

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