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I’m Charging My Devices On-the-Go in Style

by Terry Gardner

As CES is upon us, you may wonder just how you’ll carry and charge all those new portables on the go. Maybe the KNOMO’s Elektronista is just for you. I bought one and really like it. It carries my cash, credit cards and electronics all in style.

It’s the answer for women – I’m a woman – who need a power purse with multiple pockets for their mobile devices. My $299 gear-toter is an eye catcher. (A lower priced $249 velvet version of the Elektronista is also available.)

KNOMO’s Elektronista

Whether you carry an iPad Mini or a full-size iPad, Elektronista has it covered, literally. Since my Mini is smaller and lighter than my fourth generation iPad Retina display, I prefer to tote my Mini in it. And I love looking fashion forward rather than geek-backward.

Elektronista features an eight-inch zippered compartment, and open pockets for a smartphone and its 5000 mAh battery. A short micro USB charging cable is also included. The exterior and optional shoulder strap are all leather. The interior is a lightweight, protective fabric spray coated to resist dust and dirt.

The clutch also has a unique MYKNOMO ID that you can register to help get the bag back if you lose it. It’s not as sophisticated as say, Google’s Find Your Phone. Instead, it has a permanent ‘if lost’ tag, featuring a tracking code and a list of international telephone numbers. If an honest someone finds it, they can phone one of the numbers provided and KNOMO will connect you with this good person.

The coin purse is easily detachable for quick trips to a lounge or vending machine.

KNOMO’s Elektronista

Elektronista’s dimensions are 7.9 x 11.2 x 1.2 inches. It weighs 1.3 pounds (0.6 kilograms) and is available in black, gold and a caramel.

KNOMO also has men covered with briefcases and portable organizers starting at $79. The Amesbury double leather zippered briefcase is $429.

KNOMO was founded in London in 2004 with three designs for men and three for women. KNOMO is an acronym for “knowledge” (KNO) and “mobility” (MO). The company now also has offices in North America, China and Germany.

Terry is a freelance journalist who contributes to several newspapers (print and online) and websites, including the Los Angeles Times Travel, Chicago Tribune Travel, Dallas Morning News, Travel Weekly and Global Traveler. She writes a syndicated monthly travel app column for Chicago Tribune and is passionate about travel, the environment, wildlife, scuba diving and adventure.

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