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Introducing Gogo 2Ku #DomeSpotting

As we start to roll out 2Ku to more and more aircraft, your chances of seeing (or flying on) a 2Ku equipped plane are also increasing. One of the signature ways to determine whether a plane has 2Ku is the distinctive low profile radome installed on the top of the fuselage.

In the photo above, you’ll see what our 2Ku radome looks like, which should help you as you identify other aircraft equipped with the service. The radome is the “hump” in front of the tail. Under this dome is where we install our revolutionary dual antenna system. To get a better idea of what goes on under the radome, check out this video we created with partner airline Gol.


We’re inviting #AvGeeks and travelers to share photos of aircraft with 2Ku in social media, using the hashtag #DomeSpotting. You can share on Twitter or Instagram. Of course, we’re happy to make this worth your time, and will be sending out Gogo gift bags to random participants. If you are one of the lucky selected participants, be on the lookout for a mention, DM or private message from us!


On Delta, you’ll also recognize 2Ku planes through a sign installed by the boarding door.

We have a few simple rules;

  • You must use your own photo (which means no stock photos, or re-using photos taken by others).
  • We want to keep this open to as many people as possible, so we’ll limit your opportunity to win to once every three months.
  • Since our planes fly all around the world, we will accept global entries, and will gladly send out prizes anywhere you live (when possible).
  • We want you to keep ownership of your photo(s), but we will Retweet or share your images.

We really look forward to your photos, and thank everyone in advance for becoming Gogo 2Ku #DomeSpotting experts!

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