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John Wade appointed to Gogo Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer


Today, we are announcing that we have promoted industry veteran John Wade to the role of executive vice president and Chief Operating Officer.

John has more than 30 years of experience in the aviation industry including numerous leadership positions in the avionics and in-flight communications industry.  For the past eight years, he has served as the general manager of our business aviation division which he built into a market leader.  Before joining Gogo, John served as the CTO at OnAir and also worked at Tenzing and GEC Marconi on their IFE and IFC products.

“Gogo has built its industry leadership on technology development and innovation, as we now work to deploy our new 2Ku technology on more than 1,200 aircraft over the next two years, it’s going to be incredibly important for us to build a truly world-class global operation to match our technological leadership,” said Michael Small, our president and CEO.  “I believe John is the right person to lead these efforts.”

John will now be responsible for our  operations, quality control, commercial airline account management and commercial sales.  He will still maintain oversight over our business aviation division, but Gogo veteran Sergio Aguirre is being promoted to serve as senior vice president and general manager of the business aviation division.

As such an in-flight communications expert and frequent flyer, we asked John to help introduce himself to our blog and social audience with a fun Q&A you’ll find below:

You need to leave the house right away – what is the one gadget you’ll grab?

John: It’d have to be my Smartphone. If that’s too obvious my Surface. And if that’s too obvious as a frequent flyer my Bose headsets.

Do you remember the first time you ever got online when flying? Can you give a little background into your role within the industry back then?

John: I remember it very clearly, it was on the Dassault Falcon that Aircell ((our old company name) was using to test the ATG network before we deployed it. Would have been 2007 and we left Broomfield and flew to KS and flew around one of the test sites. At that time I was CTO and GM of OnAir.

Favorite airport around the world?

John: Doesn’t exist anymore, but the old Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong. It was the famous landing where you make a big right turn on finals just a couple of thousand feet up and could literally look into people’s apartments down the wing. Nothing quite like making a turn in a Boeing 747 that low.

Aisle or window seat?

John: Aisle unless there’s no one sat next to me and then the window. Being able to look out on the world from five miles up is something I never get tired off, but neither is ease of access to the bathroom!

Do you have a favorite plane?

John: Would have to be the Boeing 787. Remarkable technology. Though I’ve got a real sweet spot for the 777 which was the first aircraft that I was involved in to the entry into service of.

Have you ever flown on a really unique aircraft?

John: Nope, but I did once get to fly in the jump seat in the cockpit of a B767 between Auckland and Sydney. A real treat to be able to watch the crew fly a manual approach in crowded airspace. I’ll never forget how high in the air it felt like we were in the cockpit when the main gear touched down.

Do you have any “secret” tips for frequent travelers?

John: See answer above, Bose headsets.


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