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Jonathan’s In-flight Story

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Vacations may briefly quell the pressures of a nine-to-five life, but for some professionals, work is always on the brain. Jonathan Leon, who works for a private global insurance firm in New York City, had such an experience on a recent visit to Dallas.

Over a long weekend, Leon flew south to check out a Dallas Cowboys game. When traveling back to New York the following Monday, he received a request from his boss asking for updated contracts and documents before an afternoon phone conference.

“Just because the office is closed doesn’t mean that productivity stops,” he said. “I deal with exchange rates that change constantly, so it’s important to be able to access the latest info at all times regardless of whether I’m at my desk.”

Leon’s flight was a shade under four hours, enough time to finish the job, provided he had the resources. He fired up his laptop as soon as possible and connected to Gogo. “Some people might be skeptical about Wi-Fi signals at 30,000 feet, but the feed was strong and consistent the whole trip, which made my life much easier.”

He was also able to email back-and-forth with his boss to discuss little details about what to include and what to ignore in the documents. Leon’s vacation may have been ending, but finishing his task without any technological hiccups helped him stay stress-free for a few extra hours.

“Working on a plane was better than I thought,” he added with a grin. “It takes some of the edge off, there aren’t as many distractions from colleagues, and the airline provides free drinks. What more do you need?”

Written by Jordan Teicher

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