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Make #TravelSkills Your Favorite Twitter Travel Destination


The #TravelSkills Twitter chat has been an evolution that started back in April 2013. Chris McGinnis had a client who wanted us to host a Twitter chat but we’d never done one before and Chris was skeptical about whether we could pull it off on such short notice (three days). But we’re also both social media super users and were eager to give something new a try. The number of Twitter chats have been steadily on the rise in the past few months especially but when we started last year, there weren’t THAT many travel-related chats.

We decided to give it a go and it was a big success. We even trended in the United States on Twitter. Not bad for a first attempt! Because it was such a hit, we decided to do it every Friday. In fact, we now trend on Twitter nearly every Friday during our chat and the impressions are … impressive.

Gogo has been one of our biggest supporters and it’s a perfect fit for both of us. Through #TravelSkills, we have built a fun and engaging community of travel enthusiasts and each week when we gather, from all around the world, to chat about travel, it’s like a party. Last week we chatted about in-flight pet peeves and the conversation was fantastic – engaging, hilarious and informative! We always look forward to working with all of our sponsors, but especially on the first Friday of every month when we get to interact with our dear friends at Gogo.

Johnny Jet  is a US-based travel expert and Editor-in-Chief of JohnnyJet.com, a leading travel information website. He has visited over 70 countries and chronicles his experiences around the globe on JohnnyJet.com. He has appeared in numerous publications including The LA Times, USA Today, CNN and Fox News.

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