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Meet this month’s High Flyer, Sandeep

Meet Sandeep Thakurdas- Gogo’s June High Flyer!

Congratulations Sandeep on being selected for June’s High Flyer. Could you tell us a little about your background and what initially attracted you to Gogo?
Before coming to Gogo, I worked for PanAmSat, then Intelsat (which bought PanAmSat), in a customer facing roll designing media products and services sold in the marketplace. I worked in the product area, so I was very aligned with sales and marketing. My experience is not only with the satellite networks, but with the terrestrial fiber networks. After 8-9 years, I was ready for a change. Getting back into engineering was very important to me. I wanted something fresh and innovative, which Gogo is.
What roles have you held?
I started out as a Sr. RF (radio frequency- radio access networks) Engineer, then I was promoted to the manager of the group, and now I’m a Sr. Manager. I’ve been here 3 years in September.
What do you love about your current role?
The thing I like most is doing something brand new that has not been done by any other company in the world. We are using satellites that have been used for other services, but I don’t think too many companies implement services the way we do. I like the innovation that goes with it, thinking outside the box, coming up with solutions that are successful with our equipment. The antennas and equipment work very efficiently, and I am proud to work on the satellite networks as we continue to improve their performance.
FROM TIM JOYCE- VP, RF/RAN Engineering, Technology:
“Sandeep has been with Gogo since 2014 and during that time he has been instrumental in the design and deployment of satellite networks used by both Ku and 2Ku customers.  His industry experience of more than 10 years with Intelsat and PanAmSat provides insight and a clear understanding of satellite networks from technical, commercial and regulatory  perspectives.   This understanding along with his bold problem solving skills has resulted in the required solutions needed for the challenges in bringing up networks worldwide for airborne systems.”
What has been your biggest win or accomplishment at Gogo?
When I first came here, I worked in the Asia Pacific region. Over the past 3 years, I have designed 5 brand new networks, which are all in place and are used today. JAL flies on one of my networks and I’m very proud of its efficiency. I also introduced different vendors (regional companies) into the mix, which allowed for our success in those markets because of these relationships.  In addition to Asia Pacific, I’m also managing Europe, Middle East & Africa.
source: https://www.gogoair.com/commercial/2ku

What kind of advice would you give to others about collaborating with cross functional teams?
Working in the entrepreneurial environment that we operate in, you must be open-minded but bring your tools – your experiences – with you. I think the strength of this company is not the building or even the technology, but the people and the experiences they bring.  Together, that brings the products and services that help us beat the competition and find success. Sometimes, the solution to a problem is found only through experience and teamwork.
What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Many years ago, my mentor gave me great advice on how to navigate conflicting priorities between teams, which I still use today. He told me, “Focus on the task at hand, rather than the other person.” By doing so, there will always be a solution because we share the same goal.
Favorite Gogo perk?
I like coming to work in jeans and a t-shirt.  For most of my work career I had to dress up; I even wore a suit for a couple years. Also, my team is a very tight-knit group and I really enjoy working with them.
What did you dream of becoming as a child?
A professional athlete. I grew up in India and was a swimmer in middle and high school. I earned my place on the state team, and traveled all over the country to compete at the national level. As a kid, I always really enjoyed math and science, and that led me to engineering.
What would you tell a new hire about what it’s like to work here?
Every day is a different challenge. You can’t rely on yesterday’s success to continue to be successful. You must have an open mind and be willing to take calculated risks daily.

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