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Now playing on over 1000 planes – Gogo Vision in-flight entertainment

For over five years, Gogo has been keeping passengers connected on their flight, but now we’re offering another option to stay entertained with Gogo Vision. Gogo Vision is our own in-air entertainment service offering some of the latest and greatest in movies and TV shows. All you need to watch something on Gogo Vision is your Wi-Fi enabled portable device, a pair of headphones and a Gogo account. Gogo Vision is currently available on American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Gogo Vision on US Airways is coming soon.

How does Gogo Vision work?

Gogo Vision movies and TV shows are actually stored on your plane – unlike watching streaming video content on our In-air Internet service, watching a Gogo Vision show on your device will not degrade the connection to the ground. You can watch content on your Windows or Mac laptop as well as your iPad or Android tablet. You can always browse the available titles without the need to pay for a Gogo Internet session.

Now playing

Gogo has a dedicated team working to keep our selection up to date with the latest blockbuster hits, which means there is always something entertaining to watch – for yourself, or for any younger ones traveling with you. Our team has sorted the in-air content by genre, title and duration. This makes it very easy to pick something that can get you through your entire flight. Our content is priced similarly to other online video rental services. Prices start at just $1.99 for most of our TV shows, and $3.99 for our movies.

How to use Gogo Vision

We designed Gogo Vision to be extremely easy to use – and in most cases you’ll be sitting back in your seat relaxing to a movie or TV show of your choice in a matter of minutes. The first step is of course to connect to our in-air Wi-Fi signal. If you have never done this before, don’t worry– it is just like connecting to any public Wi-Fi service found at the airport or your local coffee shop.

If you have a device with a cellular connection, make sure it is in airplane mode (to disable the cellular portion), then enable Wi-Fi. Next, look for available Wi-Fi hotspot names. Connect to “gogoinflight” and open your browser. You’ll then automatically be connected to our in-air portal. Click on the “Entertainment on demand” banner and browse the collection.

Once you pick the movie or TV show you’d like to watch, you can either view its trailer, or rent it. Follow the steps on the portal to sign into Gogo, select your payment method and ensure that your device has the latest Gogo Vision player app installed.

This app installation is only required the first time you use Gogo Vision. If you ever need any help with Gogo Vision, or if you’d like to ask questions about the product before your next flight, head on over to our customer care portal and our support team will be happy to assist.

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