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Passenger Experience Panel: New revenue models for connectivity

With the elimination of the bandwidth bottleneck, the options for possibilities on board connected aircraft are ever increasing. Thanks to essentially unlimited bandwidth, opportunities to be more creative about who pays for connectivity, whether passengers, airlines, or outside partners are now plentiful. On Monday, at the Passenger Experience Conference in Hamburg, Gogo Chief Commercial Officer Jon Cobin, Della Conley, Director of Coverage Solutions, Innovation & Core Products, T-Mobile USA, and Paulo S. Miranda, Chief Experience Officer, GOL Airlines, offered their thoughts on how to leverage new revenue models in the new era of bandwidth abundance.

Cobin noted it’s important to adopt a multi-pronged approach to the needs of airline customers and their passengers. When discussing inflight connectivity, one size does not fit all. With new inflight connectivity options, Cobin says now is the right time to be working on the right way to represent your brand experience.

Conley, of T-Mobile echoed Cobin’s comments, saying T-Mobile’s promotion where customers receive free unlimited texting and 1 free hour of Gogo WiFi onboard Gogo-equipped aircraft has been very successful for the carrier and popular with passengers. With the increase in bandwidth availability, there’s also an increase in the ways third-party partners beyond the airline and the passenger can enter the revenue model composition.

From GOL’s perspective, the increased bandwidth availability is a boon. When launching 2Ku, GOL’s CEO hosted a Facebook Live video from the aircraft to demonstrate the new connectivity’s possibilities. Later this year, GOL will launch Gogo’s  live television product, streaming local TV channels utilizing IPTV technology.

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