Gogo products are offered on airlines all around the world, transporting connected passengers to thousands of destinations.

We currently offer connectivity through our legacy ground based air-to-ground network and through satellite connected aircraft with our Ku and 2Ku systems.

With our 2Ku technology, we are able to keep passengers connected with global gate-to-gate streaming capable Wi-Fi as well as an assortment of entertainment products. Select flights even offer live television.

ATG-4 offers connectivity over the United States and Canada.

Airline name  Connectivity Additional products
Aeromexico 2Ku Free texting
American Airlines ATG4, 2Ku Streaming entertainment, Gogo TV
Air France 2Ku
Air Canada 2Ku
Air Canada (Rouge) 2Ku
Alaska Airlines ATG-4, 2Ku Wireless entertainment, free texting
British Airways 2Ku
Cathay Dragon 2Ku Upcoming
Cathay Pacific 2Ku
Delta ATG-4, Ku, 2Ku Wireless entertainment, free texting, Gogo TV
GOL 2Ku Wireless entertainment,  Gogo TV
Iberia 2Ku
Japan Airlines Ku Wireless entertainment, Gogo TV
JTA 2Ku Gogo TV
Level 2Ku
United Airlines ATG-4 Wireless entertainment
Virgin Atlantic 2Ku
Virgin Australia 2Ku

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