When our company started almost a decade ago, streaming video on the Internet was quite rare. There were some video sites around, but most of them were for short clips. Streaming a full movie was definitely not something any normal Internet user would ever consider doing.

Of course, a lot has changed in just 10 years and our online behavior includes more content streaming than ever. It therefore makes sense that air travel is a place where a lot of passengers want to be able to watch their content on their own devices. Gogo developed a solution to this back in 2013 when we launched our streaming video service “Gogo Vision”. Gogo Vision has quickly become the most popular wireless in-flight entertainment solution in the world, powering the entertainment of airlines like Alaska, American, Delta and JAL.┬áThe Gogo Vision technology streams the movies directly off a server on the plane.

Until 2016, virtually all aircraft in our fleet were connected through our first and second generation air-to-ground connectivity solutions. These networks are great for connecting very large numbers of aircraft, providing passengers with a good experience to work on email, web and most other basic online activities. One service that has definitely not been supported on these early generation air-to-ground systems is streaming video.

With the advent of our revolutionary 2Ku technology, we’re now in a position that we’re offering so much bandwidth to the plane that streaming video is actively being offered. Passengers flying on our >600 2Ku equipped aircraft use the service every day to stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more. The streaming experience on 2Ku is absolutely rock-solid, with no buffering or stuttering. Thanks to the gate-to-gate connection support, it is even possible to start streaming a movie while still at the departure gate, and continue watching all the way up to the moment the plane pulls up to the gate at its destination.

On most of our partner airlines, we separate the connectivity on offer between “normal” web speeds, suitable for virtually any online activity, and a dedicated streaming option. With well over 100MBps available to many of our 2Ku aircraft, we now have enough bandwidth to provide streaming capable connections for the entire plane.

So, next time you fly a Gogo equipped plane that is outfitted with our latest 2Ku technology, definitely try our streaming pass plan, then enjoy watching something on your laptop, tablet or mobile device – you’ll be amazed how well it works!

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