Scott Carmichael

Through our social channels, we’re often asked whether we offer service “over the ocean”. The question isn’t all that odd, especially since we originally operated as a domestic US provider for several years, and only offered service when you were over land.

In 2014, we installed our first satellite based global system on Delta. Now in 2018, we have hundreds of aircraft making use of satellites for passenger connectivity. The advantage of satellite connected planes over our those connected to our legacy Air To Ground network is that they don’t need to rely on ground based towers. Satellites provide coverage inĀ  virtually every part of the globe, including over the oceans.

Satellite equipped planes in the Gogo fleet are connected using our Ku and 2Ku systems. Both connect to the same satellites, but 2Ku offers customers much more bandwidth, capable of streaming video and other applications with high speed demands.

There are however some small areas where satellite coverage is not available; one of them is when the plane is flying over the poles, the other is for aircraft flying over regions where the local government has restricted coverage. When online, our web portal will let you know if the plane is outside the coverage area.


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