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Gogo Takes Flight Over SXSW

Gogo brings its latest technology & BBQ to new heights in Austin

For over twenty years now, technology, music and movie guru’s from all over the world pack up to Austin to take part in the chaos that is South by Southwest. The two week event has earned a reputation as a place for new ideas and creative technologies to emerge, helping brands like Twitter explode.

2014 marks Gogo’s third year at the event and they decided to focus on what they do best, technology.. with a twist. Gogo decided to think outside the box and utilize one tangible item the rest of us don’t have access to – a private jet.

With the help of friends at local BBQ food truck favorite, Keith’s BBQ – they turned Gogo’s “flying lab” into the World’s First In-Air food truck. Gogo took social influencers and members of the media to the skies at 600 miles per hour, 30,000 feet above Austin, to be one of the first to use Gogo’s brand new Text & Talk service which allows passengers to use their own mobile device and send SMS text messages to those stuck on the ground, a product that will launch in the first quarter of 2014. Attendees enjoyed ribs, brisket and beer while taking turns calling loved ones back on the ground, most notably, their moms.

Guests were also able to experience additional Gogo innovations like Gogo Vision, which allows passengers to rent movies and TV shows to their own devices in-flight and ATG-4 which is an upgraded enhancement in Gogo’s technology roadmap.

While there is always an abundance of mass opportunity and chaos at South by Southwest, this year Gogo was able to offer an experience that will likely not be forgotten once the jet hits the tarmac.


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