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These Airports Boast the Fastest Wi-Fi – Your Aviation News Roundup

by Stephanie Faris

Frequent travelers know that Wi-Fi speeds vary from airport to airport. And now a new study confirms this, identifying the fastest airport internet speeds across the U.S.

Denver, Philidelphia and Seattle top the list, while Atlanta scrapes in at the bottom. The difference from the best to the worst is the difference of streaming a movie and barely able to scroll through some web pages.

Denver’s Wi-Fi is more than three times faster than cellular service at the airport. It recently spent $2.5 million to upgrade its network.

Here are the fop five airports for Wi-Fi performance

Dallas/Fort Worth

A Real-Life Babel Fish debuts in May

In Douglas Adams’ wildly funny Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the problem of understanding individuals from other worlds was solved with a Babel fish, a little fish you stick in your ear to that translated any language.

When the book was published, the idea was as impossible as having a watch that doubled as a telephone.  Now with the help of a successful crowdfunding campaign, Pilot earbuds are one step closer to making this a reality.

While translators are not new, Pilot’s approach is different. One earbud goes into your ear and one goes into the ear of the person you are conversing with. So it’s meant more for getting acquainted with someone sitting next to you on a flight, rather than ordering a meal at a restaurant.

They’re $249 and start shipping in May 2017.

Seattle Airport Debuts Nursing Pods

New moms often have difficulty finding a clean, private place to nurse their babies, but airports are gradually changing that. The Seattle-Tacoma National Airport has unveiled plans to introduce two suites for nursing moms. The nursing stations are in the form of four-foot-by-eight-foot pods designed by a Vermont-based startup called Mamava. Seattle joins dozens of other airports with nursing rooms on site, many of which are also in the form of pods.

 Wait, is the Lavatory Getting Smaller?

Passengers on today’s airlines may have noticed the airplane lavatory isn’t as spacious as it once was. Some airline manufacturers have chosen to reduce bathroom space on newer model’s to make room for more seats. By reducing lavatory size in 2015, Boeing was able to squeeze in 14 additional seats. (The bathroom wasn’t that big!)  The average number of seats on domestic flights has increased from 149 to 154 over the past two decades.

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