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Travel Smart in the Winter Months

by Cailin O’Neil

If you find yourself traveling in the winter months whether it’s winter in your departure city, destination or both there are a few key tips that you should follow to hopefully help your trip be as seamless as possible. Of course, weather disruptions and cancellations are out of your hands but if you are prepared for other issues you can hopefully make the best out of it.

Air Canada planes in snow image by Flickr user Anirudh Koul - Tips for Traveling in the Winter MonthsAir Canada planes in the snow image courtesy: Anirudh Koul

Monitor the Weather

About a week or so before your date of departure begin looking into the weather reports to see if there are any large storms headed your way. Also check out the airport’s website especially if there is a storm so that you can see how they provide information to travelers in regards to cancellation, runway closures, and any other recommended tips or information.

Update your Information with the Airline

Whether you booked your ticket or a travel agent or your work booked it login a few days before departure and manage your booking. Here you can give the airline more information about yourself as well as your phone number and email so that they can contact you and send you information in case of a delay or cancellation.

Airport Departure board image by Flickr user - Canadian Pacific - Tips for Traveling in the Winter MonthsAirport Departure board image courtesy: Flickr user – Canadian Pacific

Check the Departure Board

The morning of your flight, check the airport’s departure board online before you even leave your house to confirm that your flight is still scheduled and on time. Also look to see what is happening with the other flights departing and arriving earlier that day as they will give you a good idea of what could potentially also happen with your flight.

Arrive Early

If you are departing from a stormy destination make sure you go to the airport well before the suggested time. You never know what traffic or accidents you might face on your way to the airport, nor do you know how long the lines at the airport might be. Note that lines might be especially long if for example it was stormy a day or two before and a bunch of flights were canceled because all of those people will still be at the airport now trying to get on your flight.

Chilly skiing in a t-shirt image by Flickr user Christopher Porter - Tips for Traveling in the Winter Months

Chilly skiing in a t-shirt image courtesy: Flickr user Christopher Porter

Prepare for the Weather

When you arrive at a snowy destination, be prepared with winter appropriate gear in your carry-Little could be worse than stepping outside in the cold in your flip-flops or without a proper jacket. This is especially important to do in case the airline loses your luggage. Maybe you just vacationed in the Caribbean, but you know that it will be cold back home in Chicago so take off those shorts and put on some pants, a sweater and your jacket before you board the plane.

Aside from these tips keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best! If you have any other tricks or tips for traveling in the winter months please leave them in the comments below!

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