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Tiziana’s In-flight Story

The weekend getaway was imminent. It was Friday at 6:30 p.m. and Tiziana Agnello was about to escape New York City’s bitter cold for Los Angeles’ warm glow. Palm trees, pool time and LA’s finest food danced in her head. She boarded her six-hour Virgin America flight and took her seat. After a smooth takeoff, the flight attendant made an announcement about the in-flight Internet service and Tiziana couldn’t help but check her email one last time.

Conveniently, she caught an email that needed her immediate attention from an important customer who wanted to place an overnight order. As the founder and designer of LoveThyBeast — a pet accessory and lifestyle company based in Brooklyn, N.Y., it’s important to give her customers personalized attention.

Although Tiziana was unable to confirm the next day order, she was able to inform the customer and make sure the product was shipped first thing Monday morning.

“Connecting with this customer was the highlight of my experience with Gogo,” she said.

After taking care of business, a feeling of calmness took over. She switched gears and went back to planning for the weekend ahead and even made friends with a fellow passenger, who happened to be a LA local.

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Written by Joyce Manalo

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