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Top Five Travel Trends of the Future

by Raquel Cool

The travel game is changing, and will only continue to do so in the next ten years. From future airports to experience destinations, here are five trends that you can expect in the next decade.

1. The Rise of Experience Lodging

AirBnbs top rental is a mushroom dome cabin in Aptos, California. What does that tell us? People want experience destinations, and thats not going to change.

Who wants to stay in a stuffy Motel 6 when you can zipline to your treehouse in Laos? Or stay in an underwater hotel in Dubai? Or maybe youd like to your head at the Icehotel in Sweden, which, yes, is exactly what it sounds like. (Spoiler alert: Its cold.)

2. Here Comes the Mini Vacation

More people will take mini vacations — AKA long weekends — rather than applying all their PTO to one vacation stretch a year. The understanding behind the science of why travel is good for you continues to grow, which will make frequent travel part of the new normal. Rather than booking a two-week vacation just once a year, spreading your time off with long weekends even better for you, notes Dr. Jessica de Bloom, an organizational psychologist who studies the psychological perks of vacationing.

3. ロストイントランスレーション?もう違います!
Lost in translation? Not anymore!

Speaking to anyone, anywhere, is now possible thanks to technology. Apps like Google Translate and iTranslate continue to dissolve language barriers for travelers. (Try it: take a personal translator with you on your next trip!)

4. Adios, Stuffy Impersonal Airports. Hello, Future Airport Experiences

dinosaur display at Pearson - image by Flickr user Zlatko Unger - Airport Layover- Toronto Pearson International Airport

Airports of the future are going to be reconsidered as a fun, site-specific destination. Take Mexico Citys airport, which aims to reimagine the Latin American hub as a decked-out cultural experience a cacti sculpture park as an homage to the Mexican flags coat of arms. The rebuild will require a 9.1 billion dollar investment. New Yorks infamous La Guardia airport yes, the La Guardia that Vice President Joe Biden compared to a third world country” — is undergoing a five billion dollar revamp itself.

5. Travel hacking 

In recent years, weve seen an uptick of technology hacks and tools to make travel even more accessible and affordable. From travel hackingtalk with, a site that helps travelers find cheap plane tickets by mining layover data to reveal cheaper flights. I don’t condone it. And anti-hacking and the law will eventually catch up.

That said, as technology flattens the playing field, user-driven tools will only continue to inform how people book travel.

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