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Toronto Pearson International Airport – Great Place for a Layover

The Toronto Pearson International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in all of Canada serving almost 42 million passengers flying on 444,000 aircraft each year. Located a quick twenty-five minute Union Pearson Express train ride from downtown Toronto, it’s a breeze to get to and has flights that will take you almost anywhere in the world. After JFK, Toronto Pearson International Airport has the most international departures than anywhere else in North America, with departures to all 6 continents daily.

union pearson express UP train toronto airport image by flickr user wyliepoon - Airport Layover Toronto Pearson International Airport
Toronto’s new Union Pearson Express (UP Express) train from downtown Toronto to Pearson Airport
Image Courtesy: Flickr user Wyliepoon

Pearson is also the main hub for Air Canada and WestJet with over 75 major airlines operating flights in and out of the airport and 1,100 daily departures. The airport is made up of two terminals, terminals 1 & 3 with, both having domestic, US and international departures.

Wi-Fi: The airport has free Wi-Fi in all the terminals.

Global Entry / NEXUS cards are accepted here at priority kiosks when coming and going from the U.S. However, there are no TSA pre-check security lines that offer limited screening. There are fast lanes to put you ahead of other passengers but you still must go through regular security screening.

Fun Facts About Pearson

The airport is also one of eight airports in Canada with United States border clearance, meaning that you go through the U.S. border at the airport in Canada before heading to your departure gate.

Walhburgers restaurant in Pearson Airport Toronto - Airport Layover- Toronto Pearson International Airport

A Wahlburgers recently opened up in Terminal One and it is a tasty burger chain owned and operated by the famous Wahlburg brothers, Mark and Donnie. Aside from the fame, the burgers are notoriously yummy.

Depending on the terminal you are in there are many food options available once inside of security with the best terminal for food being Terminal One. Featuring everything from an Italian restaurant to fast food, pubs, snack places and more. It also has a lot of great shops for last minute gifts.

If you want to work off all that food, you can visit the Good Life Gym, where you can get a day pass to or just take a shower. The gym also provides rentals on all gear, from t-shirts to shorts, towels and even sneakers.

Terminal One is one of the largest buildings in the world by floor space so if you are connecting through the airport make sure you give yourself lots of extra time. The whole airport is well marked and you can get between the two terminals (T1 & T3) by taking the inter-terminal LINK train.

dinosaur display at Pearson - image by Flickr user Zlatko Unger - Airport Layover- Toronto Pearson International Airport
Image Courtesy: Flickr user Zlatko Unger

The airport is also home to many permanent and temporary art pieces and exhibitions including a dinosaur skeleton, which is on display in Terminal One.

The airport offers valet parking and parking lots for short and long-term stays at various price points, which you can find HERE.

Next time you find yourself passing through Toronto Pearson, definitely make sure to grab a bite, check out some artwork and be sure to enjoy the free Wi-Fi.

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