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Understanding the global traveler: Gogo’s study of inflight trends

Few activities unite people like boarding an airplane. Around the world, 82 percent of recent air travelers say they love to travel and seventy-three percent say they prefer air travel over other modes of transportation. For these avid travelers, connectivity is big part of the flying experience. In fact, a full 57 percent of global flyers believe that Wi-Fi should be offered on more flights.

With so many people eager to fly—and expecting inflight connectivity—it’s important that airline decision makers know what drives these travelers so they can tailor services to meet their expectations.

To foster a deeper understanding of today’s flyers, the Gogo global insights team commissioned a comprehensive research study of travelers’ inflight habits and behaviors entitled Understanding the Global Traveler. Based on information gathered across six regions of the world, the study delivers an overview of current airline passenger preferences with a special focus on connectivity.

A few key findings include:

  • Forty-eight percent of flyers believe inflight Wi-Fi speeds should be as fast as they are on the ground
    • Thirty-nine percent of flyers believe inflight connectivity is an important factor when booking a flight
  • Global travelers express more interest in inflight Wi-Fi than any other entertainment offering (62 percent versus 48 percent who rely on traditional seatback screens for movies and television)
  • Younger travelers (ages 18 to 35) are overwhelmingly interested in using their own smartphone, tablet or laptop inflight for Wi-Fi or entertainment (92 percent)

Understanding the Global Traveler is part of the 2017 Gogo Global Traveler Research Series, a collection of reports on air passenger trends and preferences. The Series covers 15 countries and five continents, and includes data collected from more than 4,500 travelers who flew within the last year. To learn more, visit gogoair.com/globaltravelerstudy.



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