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Video: learn about our new entertainment product: Gogo Vision Touch

During the recent Airline Passenger Experience Expo in Long Beach, we unveiled the next evolution of our in-flight entertainment product, Gogo Vision. Many of our readers are probably users of Gogo Vision, though most are possibly unaware of our role in the product.

When you fly airlines like Alaska, American, Delta and United, you may have used their in-flight streaming video product on your personal device. The technology behind this entertainment comes from Gogo. Our airborne server stores all of these movies and TV shows, and our in-cabin network takes the content and sends it to your laptop, tablet, phone or other device.

Gogo Vision Touch is designed to use some of the same hardware already installed on the plane, but instead of sending the content to passenger devices, the system runs on rear seat displays installed by the aircraft manufacturer. Most existing backseat entertainment products are slow, complex to use, and only contain a limited amount of things to watch. Thanks to our experience and on-board hardware, we are able to offer a much larger assortment of content, as well as other types of things to watch or do.

In the video above, Gogo’s SVP of Airlines explains how the system works, and how it will forever change the experience of in-flight entertainment.

Expect to see the first aircraft with Gogo Vision Touch flying in 2018 when Delta takes ownership of their first Bombardier C-Series plane.

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