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Video review: Gogo 2Ku technology on Virgin Australia

Our installation of 2Ku global broadband technology on Virgin Australia has been completed on their first test plane, and we’re thrilled to share this inaugural video review. Gogo was not in any way involved in helping create the review, and we were not aware that the creator would be flying the 2Ku equipped flight – which makes the results even more impressive!

Enjoy the video, as its creator exceeds 30Mbps download and 2.3Mbps upload in his speed test. He follows up with some demos of streaming video and audio, all which appear to work incredibly well, showcasing one of the many powerful features of our 2Ku system.

We’ve been excited to share 2Ku with our fans since its first flight last year, and we’re even happier when our fans find 2Ku our in the wild and decide to share its results with the world. Huge thanks to Mr Tim D. for making this YouTube clip, and to all other fans who take the time to share their 2Ku results.

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