Scott Carmichael

The Gogo Global Insights team recently researched over 9000 travelers, and uncovered some very interesting facts about their behaviors and attitudes. These findings made their way into a full report, and will also be described in regular updates with a focus on specific groups. Today, the team has published their first: Generation Z.

Generation Z, or Gen Z refers to the group commonly considered to include those born between 1995 and 2011. This group consists of a generation that is raised surrounded by content, mobile devices and a life shared on social media.

This is also a generation that considers connectivity a must – and this often means being online with more than one device. Connectivity is an important part of each component of their trip – from booking, to the airport experience to their flight.

Click here to download this first edition from our Global Traveler Research Series, and learn what makes Gen Z a group with very unique traveler behaviors.


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