Scott Carmichael

In Brazil, football is by far the number one sport of the nation. A popular match can often be such a priority that employers will give their staff time off so they can watch it on TV.

Of course, when traveling, keeping up with the game can be a bit trickier. Thankfully, mobile devices can make life a lot easier, and 4G connections combined with Wi-Fi will usually ensure a connection that is solid enough for live streaming. Sadly for diehard fans, parts of a trip that includes air travel usually means disconnecting, which of course in turn means missing the match. Not much is more annoying to a football fan than returning to a live broadcast and realizing that you missed all the best parts…

Thankfully a solution to this problem is already flying: Gogo partner GolĀ recently launched Gogo TV – our live television product that takes advantage of the newest developments in the Gogo Passenger Experience.

On a recent Gol flight, passengers were so interested in one football match that 133 passengers chose to watch it using Gogo TV. Even more impressive is that system availability was a whopping 100%, which means every single passenger watching television was able to do so without a single interruption.

The photo above shows the small dome on top of the plane that covers the dual antennas that are part of the Gogo FLEX Inflight System. These antennas connect to Global Satellites that in turn are part of the Gogo Inflight Network.

In this video, you’ll get a sense of the fun the passengers on the plane are having watching TV on their devices:


The atmosphere on the flight was no doubt helped by special branding on a Gol 737-800 that celebrates the launch of their live television service. We’re extremely proud to be involved in this project, and grateful to our airline partner for their commitment. But just as important is the knowledge that thousands of happy passengers will be able to keep up with the latest football match, soap opera or news when flying, thanks to the technology behind Gogo TV.

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